Spotlite Software Components

Spotlite is used to support the clients of our sister company CDD Management Services. Spotlite’s features and functions include:

User Experience

  • White labelled smartphone and tablet apps for onboarding, employment checking and tenant
  • Specialist bespoke apps for evidence capture, claims processing and building control services
  • Web interfaces for: Applicant Portals, Client Portals and task and team management
  • In-Command Control Panel for oversight and control including Audit trail with additional MI packs
  • Multi-user, multi-language, multi-jurisdictional deployments and rule sets
  • Configurable Quotation System, Shopping Basket, World Pay and SagePay integration
  • Independent Testing and Assurance assistance including financial crime systems expertise

Processing and Analytics

  • Consumer onboarding, employment checking, tenant checking facilities
  • Company onboarding including identification of ultimate beneficial owners and Business IQ integration
  • User definable Control Standards for such things as Document Handling, Regulation, Internal Policy, AML, Fraud, Credit Risk and Reputational Risk Management
  • Document Recognition including document templates, OCR, machine learning, AI and rules processing
  • Integrated Business Process Management to OMG standards
  • List screening and alert handling facilities
  • Integrated scoring and decisioning tools including Credit Risk
  • In-bound and out-bound APIs for sanctions, PEPs, fraud detection and Social Media
  • Bureau links for GBG, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

Data and hosting

  • Administration Portal and Power User Utilities for user definable data models and functional models (we call these Spotlite Elements)
  • Multi-tenanted database design
  • Azure hosting and in-house deployments
  • Multi-environmental support including route to live migration tools
  • Security features including: Two factor authentication, session management, 256-encryption, intruder detection and user monitoring
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