CDD Software

Tailored Onboarding

Simplify your digital transformation. Apps tailored for your customer. onboarding at a fraction of the cost.


Customer insights

Experience compliance by design

Respond to customers faster. Insight and audit tools that reduce the risk and cost with no IT effort.

Safe. Simple. Secure.

Customer transparency

Codeless creative functionality

Enable socially useful tools that are compliant and protect the rights of individuals.

GDPR transparency portals for customers

Privacy and real-time consent tools

Safe. Simple. Secure.

Background checks

Make privacy your platform

Choose regulatory checks (if any), data / doc capture needs. Use our brand or add yours. That’s it!
Safe. Simple. Secure.

Automated simplicity

Send SMS invitations to your customers instantly

Rapidly register them in an elegant digital journey that is automated simplicity.

Authenticate global ID’s and Data

Anti-impersonation video biometrics

Safe. Simple. Secure.
Automated Simplicity
Reward Your Customers

Reward your customers

Add a membership reward scheme

Safely re-recognise. share and reward your loyal customers through your App.

Safe. Simple. Secure.

Protect your customers

C-19 Report for your customers protection

Customers scan your premises code or staff scan customer code on entry.

Test & Trace report available under GDPR in an event.
Safe. Simple. Secure.

Build back better

Safe. Simple. Secure.

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