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Delivering bespoke compliance solutions to enterprises of all sizes.
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What We Do

We deliver bespoke and enterprise level installations of Spotlite – our compliance management system designed with ISO 19600:2014 in mind. Spotlite delivers desirable compliance solutions to front line staff in the palm of their hand – on their phone. Our ‘back office’ functions deliver workflow, list screening, risk scoring and fraud detection facilities. Our real-time in-command dashboards provide measurement and understanding – in the palm of your hand. The experience is everything.

If you want to see, touch and hold Spotlite in the palm of your hand, take a look at our sister company, CDD Management Services. Their registration process, apps, client portal, workflow and MI are all delivered by Spotlite.

If you require something more bespoke, read on…

Our Approach

We provide Spotlite apps and software for specialist tasks and ‘in-house’ deployments.

Our apps are designed by UX specialists with a background in computer gaming. The simplicity of our apps exudes their confidence and individuality. Our engineers are experienced in launching successful apps to large volumes of users. Our progressive design and clean, elegant and distinctive UX creates a striking, contemporary presence that enhances your brand. We help you achieve the RNIB’s Accessibility Guidelines for the visually impaired.

But Spotlite isn’t just a pretty face. Spotlite’s sophisticated strength and elegantly crafted compliance functionality means you are at the heart of an in-command system. This allows you to demonstrate to your stakeholders that you have regulatory and risk control throughout your portfolio and that you can evidence control both through measurement and understanding.

You can use Spotlite to help your organisation achieve the ISO 19600:2014 standard for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective and responsive compliance management system within your organization. Our qualified business analysts, trainers and auditors will be able to help you through the process to achieve accreditation.

To this end combining Spotlite and ISO 19600:2014 you can expect achieve the following outcomes:

  • Answer questions such as: Do I know you? Can I trust you? Are you a good citizen?
  • Encourage organisations to focus on their stakeholders
  • Enable both consumers and organisations make better decisions about one another
  • Protect an individual’s privacy and provide transparency as to how their data is shared and used
  • Inspire the social change that regulation seeks to achieve
  • Deliver all the above in real-time, straight to the palm of your hand on smartphone and tablet

About Us

We are part of CDD Services Ltd. CDD Software Services is comprised of a multidiscipline group of technologists, HR and compliance professionals. We have firsthand experience of the challenges, frustrations and expectations involved in conducting customer due diligence, implementing transformational change and maintaining on-going compliance.

With this background and insight, we have designed Spotlite, available ‘in the cloud’ or deployable in-house, which we believe will support the cultural and behavioural shift that organisations require to move towards sustainable compliance.

We are based in Manchester, UK. Our data centres for the UK, EU and EEA are hosted on Microsoft Azure Servers based in the UK.

We do not provide data to third parties for sales and marketing or third party research purposes. We are privately funded and seek partnerships with those who share our humanitarian values.

CDD Software Services

CDD Management Services provides an immediate start to using Spotlite, however, if our pre-configured and customisable solutions do not go far enough for you, we can white-label, tailor and deploy bespoke installations of Spotlite to meet your needs.

Use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can develop apps and deploy a bespoke version of Spotlite just for you.

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